Sun Into Capricorn 2013-2014 - Abiding Wisdom

Published: Sat, 12/21/13

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Sun Into Capricorn 2013-14 Edition

Happy Winter Solstice,

    I hope that this edition of the newsletter finds you warm and well.  The Capricorn cycle getting underway is an important one.  It begins turning up the heat on the full Cardinal Cross that will be exact at 13 degrees in April, it includes a New Year's Day stellium with the new Capricorn moon and it begins with a Venus retrograde that initiates an inner planet retrograde series that will last through July 1st.  In fact, as I look into 2014, my sense is that there is a lot on the table between now and late July.  The U.S. chart is part of that picture.  With its natal Sun at 13 degrees in Cancer and its natal Saturn at 14 degrees in Libra, it is set to be heavily impacted by the coming transits.  I'll be talking about this more as 2014 unfolds.  For now, there's news on the current cycle in this month's mini-article below, and you can listen to a full report anytime via my friend Kristy Ayala's show.  I caught up with her earlier this week and we talked about the trends that are helping us finish 2013 and prepare for 2014 and its auspicious New Year's Day.  I've also customized a special called Your 2014 to help you set your personal course for the new year.  Now, enjoy the newsletter.

From The Oracle


The wall of unresolved issues and feelings you have built must come down. It is time to fully grieve your loss.


    In a culture addicted to youth and silver linings, we are seldom given permission or space to process life's most devastating blows.
    This message indicates that you are heavy with unprocessed grief and that it is time to accept and mourn your loss. A failed business venture; a love affair that fell apart; or the death of a beloved friend, relative, or pet are all painful experiences. Through loss you can come to understand both the impermanent and eternal nature of your being. Accept what is gone and mourn its passing.


    Create a ritual to honor your loss. One of the most enduring rites performed throughout the world is the funeral. On a profound level, humankind intrinsically understands the value of acknowledging the passing of a life. Although a bad breakup or financial calamity may not seem as important, these events trigger enormous grief and deserve acknowledgment.
    Set a specific time, date, and place to memorialize your loss, and make your ceremony as personal and fitting as you need it to be. Know that by performing this ritual, you are healing your experience of loss.


Through my acceptance of life's losses, I am complete and whole.


Wow, at first I was reluctant to post this message. It's not in keeping with my usual, optimistic attitude, and it's the (happy) holidays.   But it was the card I drew when I asked for the message that would serve the Highest Good of all newsletter readers.  As I reflect on it and the idea of doing a ritual, I can only thank Archangel Michael and my Guides for this, most perfect message.  Finishing the year without some kind of ritual to acknowledge and honor loss is actually unthinkable.  So thank you to my Guides and the Angels for your abiding wisdom.  Peace to all of you.

Capricorn Infusion

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Sun Into Capricorn

     As one year ends, we naturally begin to look ahead.  2014 in fact dawns under a mounting full Cardinal Cross and a 5-planet stellium in industrious Capricorn, making the call to action undeniable.  But, before charting a new course under dedicated Capricorn skies, it is important to look back and to address outstanding issues.  A seven-month long series of retrogrades in astrology's personal planets begins as the Sun enters sober Capricorn.  The planets are simultaneously prodding us onward and taking inventory.

Personal Planet Retrogrades
Venus, Dec 21, 2013 - January 31, 2014 In Capricorn
Mercury, February 6 - 28, 2014 in Pisces and Aquarius
Mars, March 1 - May 19, 2014 in Libra
Mercury, June 7 - July 1, 2014 in Cancer and Gemini
Mercury, October 4 -25 in Scorpio and Libra

 What are you no longer willing to keep quiet about?  What do you need to release?  What is worth fighting for?  What do you really want?  During the immediate Cap cycle, transforming Pluto, courtesy of direct connections with Mercury, the Moon and the Sun will be asking us to tell the truth.  Fortunately for all of us, the plethora of planets traveling through careful Capricorn, including Venus, are flanked by Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  In these positions, Saturn supports Pluto in the quest for candor and Neptune imbues compassion and takes a holistic view.  As most of you who follow astrology know, Pluto is now well into Capricorn. During 2014, the slow-moving planet of reform will move from 11 to 14 degrees in the Cardinal earth sign.  Saturn will remain in Scorpio until December 23, 2014 and Neptune will only travel from 3 to 8 degrees in Pisces.  Indeed, what we resist will persist.  So, as 2013 draws to a close, taking some time out for inner reflection will be key to making 2014 a truly Happy New Year!

Tune into "
Kristy's Connection To The Soul" for the full scoop on the planets during the Capricorn cy
You can listen anytime, anywhere and on any device.  And if you'd like me to take a look at your personal chart, please contact me for a reading

     What a year it has been.  I know I've gone M.I.A. on the long form astrology articles this year.  It's simply been impossible to write them with everything else that life has offered up.  So, when I say that I appreciate your support and continuing subscription, it is with heartfelt gratitude.  I also want to take this opportunity to share a little more about what I've been up to in 2013.

    Let's start back in January, while I was moving across the country, again.  Going back to school as age 50 was approaching was intimidating to say the least.  Quite frankly I didn't know if I could even keep up with all of those young, and very talented, whipper snappers, or the competitive pace of a world renowned music school.  Initially in fact, I only signed up for one course instead of committing to a full certificate program.  Thankfully, my years in the self-help field have taught me a lot about presence, patience and self-compassion.  I did not need to get "A's".  I did not need to be the best at anything in my class.  The only promise I made to myself was that I would show up and simply do my best.  That first course was a struggle.  I was out of shape and out of practice.   But as those of you who've been on this list for a few years know, I am, if nothing else, persistent.  Suffice it to say that I'm doing very well academically and working toward a full certificate, due at the end of March.  But most importantly, I emerge from 2013 inspired and proud of myself for trying.  You will never know what will happen if you never try.  For me, music is where notes and sounds replace verbs and nouns, and where something beyond language is transmitted and felt.  After so much loss in 2012, a difficult workplace change and the deaths of my father and 17-year-old cat Nicholas, music was my refuge and my solace. Thank you for giving me this much needed time off from writing astrology articles.  I hope you are listening along and enjoying my visits and astrology reports with Kristy on her show Kristy's Connection To The Soul.  I sincerely look forward to sharing more of the journey with you in 2014, and wish you all the very best ahead.

Love and blessings,